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6 Conditions that Make Your Pray be Soothing and Calming

www.thetruemuslim.comIbn Al-Qayyim rahimahullah explains that there are 6 things that should be in someone to make his pray be soothing and calming.

Those six things are as follows:

1. Sincere
The stimulus factor and motives to pray is the desire and the love of a servant to Allah, look for His blessing, get close to Him, show the love to Him, and obey His order.

Not pushed by a mundane purpose, but wish to have a chance to see Allah in His Jannah because of the love to Him, afraid of His torture, and wish to get a forgiveness and reward from Him.

2. Honesty and integrity
Try to empty your heart for Allah in a pray, give all your capability so that your heart can come before Allah and focus in the pray. Also doing pray in the best form in physically and mentally aspect.

This considers that pray has two aspects, they are:
  1. Physical aspect that covers the movement and dhikr, and
  2. Mental aspect that cope khusyu’ and muraqaba (felling watched by Allah), focusing and facing the heart totally to Allah in the pray so that the heart will not turn to besides Him. This mental aspect is like the soul of the pray. While the physical aspect is like the body. Theanalogy is if the pray has no mental aspect, it is like a body that have no soul inside it. Aren’t we as a servant shame to meet Allah in that condition?
3. Making the pray of The Prophet as a guidance
Mean your pray as guided by The Prophet shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam.
Ignore any kind of innovative movement in pray that made up, pay no attention to any creation in the pray that we never know the validity from The Prophet shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam and one of his friends.

4. Ihsan
Ihsan means feeling watched by Allah so that he worships Allah as if He is in front of him.
This position of ihsan is the principal of the worship of the heart. Ihsan bring up the feeling of shame to do vice things, glorifying and honoing Him, afraid of Him and love to Him, obedient and feel humiliated in front of Him, cutting of the hesitation, and focusing the heart and the will to get Allah’s blessing.

Likewise, the level of ihsan on someone determine the quality of pray that is done, so that two people who do pray in similar qiyam, ruku, and sujud but the virtue that they got as different as night and day.

5. Admit His gifts
To bear witness that every enjoyment in this world is sourced from Allah. Because He whom enforce him to this position, guiding, and giving prosperity so that his body and heart can be gracious to Him.
Unless because of Allah, it will never happen.

This recognition is the most glorious that can call benefits for the servants. It depends on the tawheed level of people. The recognition is getting more perfect along with the enhancement of the tawheed on the servant.

One of the benefits is that this recognition will prevent the servants’ heart from the attitude of remembering and being proud of the goodness he has done.

When a servant sincerely admits that Allah who give him gifts, prosperity, and guidance to him, of course he will be busied from remembering and being proud of his goodness.

6. Always feel having deficiency
How serious a servant in doing order and put an effort in it maximally, there will be neglect and deficiency.

The right of Allah is great. For the gifts that He gives, He is decent to get an adherence, servitude, and more solemn. His greatness and glory sue a proper servitude for Him.

If the servants of the king treat them with honor, exaltation, respect, accompanied by disinclined, fear, so that their physic and heart will focus on the wish of the king.

Then of course, The King of the kings, Rabb of heaven and earth, reserves more right to be treated like that even in higher level of treatment.

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