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Figuring out the Real Essence of Love to Allah and How to Reach It - Love to Allah is, without any doubt, the consequence of faith. There’s no perfect unity of God (tawheed) towards Allah unless a man, as servant of God, loves his God perfectly. Love is actually quite hard to describe. It’s a complicated feeling and sometimes, it’s hard to find the right way to define it properly especially when it comes to the love from man to Allah. So, then, what’s the essence of love to Allah? Let’s try to answer this question because it’s really vital for our tawheed later on. And we can start finding the answer by referring to the fact that there’s nothing worth to love in all aspect except love to Allah who deserves to be worshipped.

"..But those who believe are stronger in love for Allah ..." QS.Al-Baqarah : 165

Love to Allah isn’t just a mere love. There must be nothing that deserve a human being’s love as much as the love to the Almighty Creator. Allah is the only God to love. Allah is the only one to worship. Allah is the sole protector. Allah is the only one to give His blessing to human beings. And Allah is the one to decide when a person is born and dead. Therefore, to love Allah essentially leads to bring peaceful state of mind to the human beings.

From the explanation above, we can make some kind of guideline that our love to Allah can be measured from how peaceful and guided our lives actually are. A man who really loves his God will have no worry at all about his life. It’s because he knows that Allah will always suffice everything he needs in one way or another. Someone who loves Allah so much will also taste the sweetness of faith. Nothing will satisfy his heart unless the love he has to his God. The essence of love to Allah is to be willing to do everything and give anything in order to seek for the blessings from Allah. There’s no doubt about it. To be faithful totally to Allah is one of the parts of the essence to love Allah the Almighty. Everything will be left behind including the wealth when Allah has called.

However, due to the nature of human beings, it’s always not an easy task to reach such essence of love to Allah. The love levels are different from one person to the others. It’s always been challenging for us but at the same time, it’s also simple. We all know that we can always represent our love to Allah by simply following His orders and avoiding what He forbids. It may sound simple but in practical, by considering our nature, it’s not that easy. Nonetheless, we still need to seek for the most perfect love to Allah and reach its true essence. After all, it’s what we are tasked for. We are not asked to live in this world by Allah unless to worship Him. We also know many ways as the means to worship Allah. It’s only a matter of doing it right and we’re going to really experience the real essence of love to Allah and taste its sweet benefits.

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